Managed Services: Say Goodbye to Computing Hassles

First you needed a few PCs. Then you needed a server. Then you needed a phone system. Then you needed a network. Then you heard about the business down the street getting hacked. Then you got hacked.

And then you said: “I didn’t sign up for this.”

We all need computers, networks and data to get our work done these days. What we don’t need is the River of Chaos that comes with keeping our IT gear updated, secure and running at full capacity.

Fortunately, there’s a bridge over the River of Chaos. It’s called Managed Services, and you want it because it gets you out of the information technology business and hands your IT headaches over to seasoned experts who know how to cure them.


What to Expect from a Managed Services Provider

A Managed Services Provider, or MSP, is in business to offload your IT burdens and replace them with a simple, predictable monthly fee. Here at Essential Network Technologies, we provide Managed Services to just about anybody who needs them: schools, churches, small businesses, medium-sized enterprises and more. We take care of:

·         Installing, configuring and optimizing your IT hardware and software, including servers, switches, phone systems, Wi-Fi, desktop PCs, laptops and mobile devices.

·         Monitoring all your systems for performance, security and antivirus protection.

·         Providing helpdesk support during regular business hours and 24-hour on-call support in emergencies.

·         Administering your system with technology audits, quarterly reviews, vendor liaison services, and disaster recovery recommendations.  

All this adds up to less time fighting with your computer systems and more time serving the people who matter most to you.


Why ENT is Your Best Fit for Managed Services

At Essential Network Technologies, we have 15 years of continuous experience installing, configuring, managing and optimizing IT hardware and software in the St. Louis metropolitan area and throughout the Midwest. Our top technicians have spent more than a decade mastering these technologies — and have the certifications to prove it.

We know what it takes to tweak your hardware for maximum performance and refine your network for maximum bandwidth. We install antivirus software to minimize day-to-day glitches, and we run premium security technology to scan your system for intruders and keep them away from your sensitive data.

We can help you add phones, mobile devices and sophisticated software packages for logistics, personnel, resource planning and much more. Our partnerships with top technology companies ensure the best prices.


The ENT Way: Exactly What You Need with No Vendor Lock-in


Lots of MSPs make promises they can’t back up. Some lock you into buying hardware from a specific vendor and jack up expenses by shoehorning your technology into their solution. Or they provide one-size-fits-all services with crucial gaps that don’t fit your unique needs.

That’s not how we do business at ENT.

We ask you exactly what you need. We study your users, your customers, your marketplace and your growth potential. We work with our industry partners to get you all the power you need at an economical price. We tailor a solution to your expectations and do everything we can to exceed them. And we’ll never require you to buy hardware from any specific vendor or source.

So, if you’re craving freedom from never-ending IT hassles, this is where to sign up.  

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